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About us

Voorwinden group

In 1987 Aad Voorwinden decided to start his own business with nothing more than a few glasscutters, ladders, an apron and a glass hammer. Only one year later the first employee was hired and nowadays Voorwinden Group has become one of the largest subcontractors in the greenhouse sector.

With the same passion as Aad back in 1987, his  two sons Maik and Kris have been running the business since 2017. In the years Voorwinden has grown into a company with more than 50 employees. The Voorwinden team is a team of professionals, working in the business for ages and bringing years of experience and dedication to the job. Their experience and engagement guarantees high quality projects and 'a deal is a deal' approach.

Our machines

Good machinery ensures a higher production; even large projects are enforceable within a short period of time.

At the same time the best and most modern machines make working conditions lighter and safer for the employees.

What we do

Greenhouse projects. From small to very large. And from beginning to end.

In addition to building and glazing greenhouses, we also provide the excavation work, water drainage, air ventilation etc. In short, we realize the whole project, and we're damn good and fast in it.


Are you looking for a challenge with a nice future ahead? You're willing to work hard, on flexible hours and you don't mind going abroad? 

Why not apply for a job at the Voorwinden Group? We welcome experienced people for several jobs within our team.

Our projects

The Voorwinden Group works on many greenhouse projects that are all even special to us. Check out the projects we worked - and are working - on with Havecon.

Voorwinden Group at work

De Voorwinden Groep: kassenbouwers met karakter!

  • Lorentzstraat 10
  • 2665 JH Bleiswijk
  • The Netherlands